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Lead Designer
Gliffy Project—codenamed Project Beacon—helps software teams do work and track tasks visually, to better understand the big picture of what they're trying to build, and maintain clear context on complex projects.
Thinking about the problem 🤔
About a year ago, we sat in a room and tried to think about the future of Gliffy and where we were going as a company. We knew that we wanted to create something that helped teams get work done (whoa, what a concept!) but we didn't quite know what that thing was. Naturally, we decided to talk to people to learn more.
We conducted a bunch of interviews, both online and in-person, to understand how teams work today and what opportunities there are to help them be more efficient.
Here's what we learned 👇
Exploring ideas and finding an initial direction🕵️
First-Round Designs 🏁
· We found that a lot of teams have trouble handing off designs so we wanted to try and tackle that issue

· A lot of IC’s (individual contributors) have troubling finding the work that they are supposed to be focused on

· Every single team that we talked to used Atlassian’s JIRA for tracking work, so we really wanted to integrate with that platform

· We know that working with visuals is easier for humans to digest information so images would be the core of this platform
Iterations 🤘
Early Access Program + What's Next
Gliffy project is in currently in beta and we hope to learn a HUGE amount from these first customers. This early feedback will not only teach us how customers use Gliffy Projects in their workflow but it will also inform what new features we prioritize.