Kenny Lopez


Yideo consolidates streaming video from services such as iTunes,HBO Go, Netflix and allow you to quickly and effortlessly search for the content you want.


Design a simple and intuitive way for users to create and manage a list of movies, TV shows and episodes they want to watch.


I conducted user experience interviews to determine how current customers were using favorites list. Created visual components.

Pain Points

1. User should be able to add and remove movies, shows or episodes to watchlist (replacing favorites). 

2. When a user adds a show to their Watchlist, they should be able to specify whether all episodes, or only future episodes are added.

3.Some movies or episodes in a user’s Watchlist may not be available from any apps or sources yet. The user should be able to easily see the availability status of these items. 

4.For all items in a user’s Watchlist, notifications will be generated any time a previously unavailable movie or episode becomes available.

Current Flow



Results Applied